15 Must-Read Blogs for Accounting Professionals

15 Must-Read Blogs for Accounting Professionals
Information & knowledge is widely available across the web, it’s just a question of finding it. To make it easier, we’ve drawn up a list of our top 15 blogs aimed at accounting professionals. Happy reading!

1. AdminPulse

We’re an accounting practice management software company and we strive to provide accountants with as much value as possible. One way that we do this is through our blog. It’s filled with all things accounting: cloud accounting, marketing for accountants, remote working tips and trends, & digitization.

Take a look at our latest: Must have remote working tools for accountants.

2. Accountancy South Africa

Accountancy SA is a monthly free online magazine, filled with the latest developments in the accountancy profession and business world. If you’re only ever going to use one source of accounting related information, you want it to be this one! You can browse whole issues, read stand-alone articles, or browse thought-provoking opinion pieces. Be sure to read their articles on how you can ensure the business continuity of your accounting firm during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Accounting Weekly

Accounting Weekly is a dedicated news portal for accounting & finance professionals. Read about the latest South African related news, tax updates as well as updates in information technology, regulation and financial reporting.

4. Easybiz Technologies

The Quickbooks blog provides an abundance of useful information for accountants to better manage their business and finances. This blog offers tips & tricks, accountancy trends as well as insights and benefits of cloud accounting.

5. Firm Of The Future

Yet another Intuit blog. Trust us! You’ll want to immerse yourself in this one. The Firm of The Future offers advice on client relationships, efficiency & growth, and Intuit product & industry news. They also have an extensive video gallery to cater for the different means of content consumption.

6. Sage

The Sage blog offers advice to small & medium businesses as well as accountants. Their accountants content consists of entrepreneurial advice, tips & trends, cloud accounting as well as the future of the profession.

Check out their guide to digital transformation for accountants, it’s a goodie.

7. Xero

Xero offers various accountant & bookkeeper guides filled will tricks, tips & essentials for the success of your practice. Their guides are broken up into categories of Marketing, Cloud Accounting, Business Management, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Payroll & Checklists. Take your pick!

8. Insightful Accountant

Insightful Accountant is an independent news & information source, and is considered to be the key information source on Intuit Quickbooks, Xero & Sage. Consume all sorts of accounting related information on their site and don’t forget to take a peek at their educational webinars.

9. Prosper Agency

The Prosper Agency has a branding & marketing blog written specifically for accountants. If you’re looking to increase your firm’s online visibility and up your social media game then this one’s for you!

Here’s their latest – Here comes the (branding) revolution for accountants.

10. Accounting Web

Accounting web is independent online community. Their site is filled with guides, bookkeeping essentials, and articles on accounting & auditing, tax, practice and technology.

Check out their guide – Transforming your accounting firm: four steps to a business model built on advisory services.

11. Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition’s blog is all about accounting, professional services, technology and various company & product updates.

Here’s their latest: Accounting Services for Business Continuity (Covid-19). This one’s all about how you can be delivering value to your clients during this difficult time.

12. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is a provider of online business news for the accounting community. They offer news, in-depth features and a ton of valuable resources. Their content is structured around categories of accounting & auditing, financial planning, tax, technology and practice management. If you’re not one for reading article after article, they’ve also got podcasts and various webinars that you can register for. Happy listening!

13. Journal of Accountancy

The Journal of Accountancy is an accounting publication providing timely, in-depth and practical information. Their goal is to help accounting professionals maintain their status as the most trusted advisor of the 21st century. Even though their content is aimed at American CPA’s, there’s a heap of knowledge that can be gleamed by accountants all over the globe.

14. Receipt Bank

Oh, we love Receipt Bank. Not just their product but their blog too! On their blog they offer advice, content specifically aimed at business, news, product information and various stories. Off the bat in their search bar you’re able to search which category you’re interested in.

Here’s one of their latest stories, Keeping Business Going: 5 Golden Rules from an Accountant on the Frontline.

15. Cloud Accounting Blog By Blake Oliver

This one’s by Blake Oliver, a CPA specializing in cloud accounting and the co-host of the Cloud Accounting podcast. His blog is all about technology and the transformation of the accounting profession. Read all about accounting, leadership, marketing, productivity and subscribe to his newsletter and podcast to keep up with the latest.

Happy reading! Let us know which blog is your favourite source of accounting information!