Who we are

The story from the start

AdminPulse is a product of Syneton Belgium, so the story really ought to start there. 

Once upon a time, there lived an army general by the name of Rudi. Rudi's main task was to automate the admin of his army division. And so he did, excelling at it even if we might add. 

Some time down the line, Rudi settled down and married an accountant, Nadine. Nadine decided to branch out on her own, and so she started her own practice. With time, her business grew and grew, but so did her admin. 

Rudi watched this time-consuming admin in horror. "There must be an easier way," he thought. There wasnt at the time, and so he called up his tech whizz pal, Ortwin and together they started Syneton. 

Syneton's story began in 2001. Today they are the market leaders of accounting practice management solutions in Belgium. 

AdminPulse in South Africa

"I want to simplify the admin of accountants all over the world!" thought Rudi. You see.. every story begins with a thought or a dream. Rudi made his happen. 

In 2018, after years of dominating the practice management market in Belgium, Rudi decided to expand AdminPulse to South Africa. He put a local team together, lead by Yasmin Hendricks,  and now we're here. Fulfilling our mission everyday by helping accountants streamline their admin and focus on the aspects of their business that really matter; their clients.