Task Management

Never miss a deadline again. 

AdminPulse: Task Management

  • AdminPulse comes with preloaded accounting related task templates however you can easily add your own. Task templates allow you to document your workflow, set schedules for recurring tasks which can then be linked to specific clients and set deadline offset days to help you and your team better manage your time. 
  • Welcome to your task board! Delegate tasks to your team with the click of a button. 
  • Your team can drag tasks & sub-tasks between the different progress states: To-Do, In Progress & done. 
  • Automatic time registration while tasks are in progress.
  • Task Overview: This screen allows you to receive an overview of the progress of all tasks
  • Task list: this screen shows you who the task was delegated to, date of completion, task notes and time taken to complete the task. 
  • Create & delegate ad-hoc to-do's