Our features

Customer Relationship Management

  • All client & prospect information in one central place
  • Personal, company & contact information
  • Services conducted, tasks scheduled, invoices & linked documents

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Task Management

  • Notifications & overview of all upcoming deadlines
  • Active task delegation, ensuring transparency & accountability
  • Task scheduling: schedule recurring tasks 
  • Overview of task progress 

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Time Tracking

  • Register time, distance travelled and costs 
  • Automatic time tracking while tasks are in progress
  • Keep track of time spent performing services for a particular client 
  • Overview of time registered per employee per task 

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  • Create invoices based on your registrations
  • Accomodates any pricing structure: hourly, fixed, monthlly retainers - you name it!
  • Invoice scheduling: AdminPulse will create your invoices for you!

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Document Management

Don't we all strive towards a paperless office?

  • Upload, download & link documents to client folders 
  • Assign tags & create folders for easier document findability
  • Send important client emails to your DMS & link to client folder 
  • Unlimited storage capacity

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Multi-device in the cloud

Want to be able to access and modify your information anytime, anywhere?

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

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