Must have remote working tools for accountants

Must have remote working tools for accountants
A lot has changed in the last few weeks. Accounting offices (and all other businesses too) have transitioned to a remote workforce and uncertain business conditions are forcing companies to find means to limit their expenses. Remote working isn’t without its complications. How do you manage your remote team? How do you know who is doing what? How do you collaborate with your team and your clients? How do you ensure that no client is neglected, and no deadline falls through the cracks? We have a wealth of technological solutions at our disposal and the trick is to have a plan in place, supported by chosen technology that will solve all of the above issues and ensure business continuity no matter where you or your team are working from.

1. A strong internet connection

Okay, this isn’t exactly a techy-tool, but it’s a condition that needs to be met when remote working.   33% of South African’s indicate that a slow or unreliable internet connection is an obstacle to working from home. If your staff are unable to access a strong and secure internet connection, they cannot be productive.

So, before anything else, hook up them with connectivity. Find out which of your staff members have trouble accessing the internet from home, and provide them with Rain sim-cards. These sim’s can be used on any 4G enabled devices, and for R250 a month you’ll get 19 hours unlimited off-peak data every day.

2. Cloud accounting software

Move your accounting from your desktop to the cloud! Cloud accounting software can save your firm time and money, takes the issues of location out of the equation, and if authorised can be accessed by your team from anywhere and on any device if they have access to the internet. Cloud accounting ensures that your accounting team can access important real-time financial data and provide value to your clients no matter where they are.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the below three:

3. Cloud practice management software

Practice management software is a tool that helps you to manage & improve your firm’s productivity and efficiency through administration automation.

Think about it.. How much time do you spend on delegating tasks to your team? Following up on tasks and client deadlines? Asking for timesheets? Consolidating timesheets? Updating Excel sheets? Ensuring that your whole team is on the same page? Scratching around for important client documents and communication?

We bet it’s a lot, and when remote working this process is even more challenging and time consuming.

This is where a cloud practice management system comes handy. Our choice: AdminPulse.

AdminPulse Cloud Practice Management Software

AdminPulse is a cloud-based accounting practice management software that allows accounting offices to stay on track and productive no matter where they are working from. The tool includes Customer Relationship Management, Task Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing, Document Management and Reporting.

Remote working benefit: 

AdminPulse allows you to delegate tasks to your team with a click of a button, monitor the progress of tasks, leave notes on tasks for better team communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page with deadlines & to-do’s. The document management system is another advantage: with its unlimited storage capacity, easily drag and drop documents, link them to your clients and viola. Everyone who has been given access will easily be able to find everything that they are looking for all in one central location.

4. Team & client communication tools

Communication is one of the biggest challenges when remote working, however, it really ought not to be thanks to all the technology at our disposal. Communication is essential for expressing goals & expectations, following-up, checking-in but also for motivating and engaging employees. It’s important for remote workers to feel a part of the company regardless of where they are working from.

We suggest that you pick out a few communication tools, make sure that everyone knows how to use them and set schedules for when team communication will take place.

Here are a few tools:

We’ve all used Skype at some point to connect with distant friends and relatives. It’s a powerful communication tool that incorporates audio, HD video calling and messaging, available on all devices. Host team meetings, share screens and stay connected with your team and clients.

Similar to Skype, Zoom can be used to host webinars, conduct online trainings, video conferences & virtual meetings. The platform can cater to up to 1000 interactive video participants and 10 000 view-only attendees.

Chat, video call, collaborate, create channels.

Loom is a screen and video recording tool. Needing to train your clients in accounting software packages? Use Loom.

Quick instant messaging platforms:

Slack is the perfect communication tool helping to eliminate email loads. You can also set up various chat channels ie a tax channel, a payroll channel etc making it easier to segregate discussions to ensure that only the relevant team members are included.

Be ready and available for your clients! Zendesk is an easy-to-use customer support platform that allows you to connect with your clients and prospects on any channel and stay afloat with customer queries and support demands in one central location.

What are some of the tools that your accounting office has implemented? Let us know!