A more efficient office in half a day for R 220 per user per month

Please note: 

AdminPulse does not lock it's clients into any fixed contracts. It's our mission to be the best possible solution for your practice, however, if it turns out that we're just not quite the right fit we've made it easy peasy for you to cancel your subscription. 

Our one requirement: One months notice before your next invoicing period. That's fair, right? 

Subscription Perks

  • Hands on support whenever you need it 
  • Regular updates & improvements
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Time tracking
  • Unlimited number of invoices
  • Active task management
  • Unlimited number of task templates
  • Unlimited number of mail templates
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Reporting


Can I try AdminPulse for free?

Yes, when you register you automatically have a free trial period of 1 month. During this month you can use all AdminPulse functionalities without restrictions or limitations. If you're convinced of the value of AdminPulse, give our team a shout!

How much does AdminPulse cost?

You can choose to subscribe to AdminPulse monthly or annually. If you subscribe monthly, the cost is R220 per user per month. If choose the annual route, we'll give you a 20% discount. 

Are there any other costs involved? 

Yes. There's an extra fee for onboarding, training and lifelong support. This fee will be added to your first invoice and is dependant upon company size. 

Can I take over my billing numbering and just let it go through?

Yes, you can! The package allows you to compose your own combinations based on letters, years, months and figures. In addition, you can also indicate what the starting number should be, so that the numbering fits seamlessly with your previous invoice.

Can I also log in from home?

Yes, AdminPulse is available from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection.


How does this work for my employees / co-workers?

You will need a license for each employee/co-worker you wish to grant access to AdminPulse. In this way, the registrations and tasks of each employee are processed separately so that you can keep an overview.

I work with independent bookkeepers who help out from time to time. How do I do that?

You order a license for them just as you would for your employees on the payroll. This way you know perfectly who has worked for which file.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you can. You use AdminPulse for free for the first month, so you don't need to unsubscribe. As soon as you become a paying customer, you can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to yasmin.hendricks@adminpulse.co.za.