Customer Relationship Management

All possible client information in one central location


You've got about 12 different spreadsheets floating around your office; one with client names & contact details, and others with various client deadlines. You're rather proud of them as finally you think that you've created an efficient administrative system. But then...  someone forgets to update the spreadsheets. You start thinking about how much time it takes to maintain these; time that you could have used to create value for your clients. Administration doesn't pay the bills. Surely there's an easier way? 

There is. Welcome to the Customer Relationship Management module!

The customer relationship management module is the heart of AdminPulse. All possible information about your clients & prospects is stored in one central place: 

  • Personal & contact details: phone numbers, addresses, preferred method of contact  
  • Accounting information: VAT numbers, PAYE, UIF etc
  • All linked documents 
  • Tasks & services performed
  • Scheduled recurring tasks 
  • Invoicing & invoicing schedules 
  • All time tracked for a particlar client  
  • Point of last contact: client emails, notes for meetings & calls