Time Tracking 

Increase your office productivity & efficiency!

AdminPulse: Time Tracking 

  • Improve the accuracy of your pricing strategy
  • Automatic time tracking while tasks are in progress
  • Register km's travelled
  • Useful registration overviews: filter based on client, employee, price list item or time period 
  • Use time registrations to generate invoice proposals for clients 
  • Track the productivity of your employees & increase the efficiency of your firm as a whole
  • Track billable vs non-billable hours 

6 Reasons why you need to implement time tracking in your accounting firm: 

1. Billing & Invoicing 

2. Time tracking ensures that you focus on the tasks that matter

3. Increased productivity, self-discipline & the breaking of bad work habits

4. Helps to identify & avoid employee burn-out

5. Continued efficiency & accountability no matter where your team is working from

6. Transparency into work processes